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Materials for the production of printed circuit boards (PETERS)

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SL1331N - a unicomponent sheeting on the basis of polyurethane pitch.
It is applied to protection of assembled printed-circuit boards against influence of environment, salt fog, acids, alkalis and solvents.

The protective varnish of SL 1309 N-FLZ is intended for processing of the mounted printed-circuit boards which operation is carried out in the conditions of tropics.
Along with the increased moisture-proofness, the varnish covering possesses the fungicide properties providing long service life of products.

particularly distinguished by their high hardness and mechanical strength

high yellowing resistance, thus particularly suited for application in optoelectronics

the smooth white surface lends the cast object a particularly high-grade appearance

VU 4490/31 K: owing to the accelerated curing (Index K = catalysed) processing possible only in mixing and dispensing units

- solvent-free 1-pack systems
- short processing times in spite of high layers owing to optimally synchronised curing mechanisms: fast UV curing and chemical cross-linking reaction in shadow areas


- base: silicone (SR)
- application: dispensing, brushing, selective coating
- micro-encapsulation of small components possible
-operating temperature range -65 up to 200 °C

Peelable Solder Mask

A variety of printed circuit boards require protection of selected board areas during the Surface Finish or Assembly Process. A wide range of PEELABLE SOLDER MASKS, the SD 295X Series including the popular SD 2954 and SD 2955 provide such protection in (lead-free) soldering processes like wave soldering, reflow soldering or hot-air solder leveling (HASL).

- suitable for all common application processes
- aqueous-alkaline developable
- fulfil/exceed among others IPC-SM-840E, NASA outgassing test acc. to ASTM E595
- mould resistant
- resistant against noxious gases
- many types available as halogen-free adjustments acc. to JPCA-ES01-2003 / IEC 61249-2-21

Company Peters is a special composition of solvents containing FP 507-0720, which removes residue-free photosensitive solder mask with defective PCBs. Thus, a series of masks ELPEMER 2463, 2467 and 2469 can be easily removed after application and defective operation of the platen.

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