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AUTOTRONIK 281 model is especially designed for small volume batch sizes. This model features vision processing and head-mounted camera for non-contact “Vision on the Fly” alignment. It assures high-precision placement of a full range of SMDs, from the smallest 0201 devices through CSPs, µBGAs, flip-chips, ultra-fine pitch 0.5mm for QFPs, even odd-form components.

The SMT Pick & Place Machines of AUTOTRONIK series were especially designed for small and medium volume batch sizes. Various models are provided for different applications.

AUTOTRONIK BA392 features high-precision, direct-drive ball screw and linear encoder technology in the X and Y axes, contributing to its 30 µm, 3 Sigma placement accuracy. With high-power AC servo motors allowing placement rates approaching 6400 cph.

The SMT Pick & Place machine BA392-LED is specially designed for LED board application in medium production batch sizes. Various options are provided for different applications.

Innovative two-stage conveyor design that handles 600mm board length in each stage, hence supports long PCB of 1.2m total length in automatic production.

AUTOTRONIK BA388 is specially designed for long PCB board production with wide range of different feeders. With its extraordinary feeder capacity, fully loaded with as many as 256 Smart 8 mm Tape Feeders, BA388 is ideal for a wide variety of high-component mix product that will still fit within its massive 1250mm X 350mm placement area with conveyor, or 1100mm x 410mm placement area without conveyor.


- Dual Gantry 4 Heads

- Placement rate: up to 10500 CP/H

- Conveyor System with SMEMA Interface and Automatic-Width-Control

- Non-contact Linear Encoder System for high Repeatability and Stability

- High Accuracy and high Flexibility for 01005, 0201, SOIC, PLCC, BGA, μBGA, CSP, QFP, up to fine-pitch 0.3mm

The SMD placement machine LD812 has been specially designed for use in the LED PCBs medium and high production quantities . The machine supports the processing of printed circuit boards with a length of up to 1200 mm (optionally up to 1800 mm ) .

Controlled air surges at the pick-up nozzles ensure the release of the " sticky " LED components during placement . Using the auto- selection system can be controlled to alternate feeder for empty indents without interruption to produce . In addition, allow the feeder band connections to minimize production interruptions.

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