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Deliveries of the equipment under catalogs from Germany Deliveries of the equipment under catalogs from Germany
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Cutting Blades Cutting Blades

There are various cutting blades available suitable for different materials and applications. This sheet unfortunately can only give brief information. Therefore – contact us and let us know what kind of problems you are dealing with. We will do our best to find the optimal solution for you. We also do trial cuttings with your fabric without any obligation on your part.

Cutting footboard Cutting footboard

With the help of the cutting footboard "SF" in combination with the "R" nozzle, it is possible to separate (cut, cut, ..) and simultaneously twist the edges of the fabric without an auxiliary cutting surface. table.

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Type AMT-7-VW
Unit for continuous cutting operation of heavy ropes and suitable to remove waste (threads) from formers. Two types of blades are available, either straight 7G or curved 7R.  
Provided with a high-quality power electronic the unit has a stand-by temperature with infinitely variable working temperature and therefore allows quicker operation.

2 273.30 EUR

Small unit, suitable for continuous operation, designed especially to cut curves and shapes on synthetic curtain fabric.
The very light blade holder type MK and the extremely pointed and curved blade type MK allows for cutting out
of smallest curves and angles. Infinitely variable setting of temperature unit suitable for continuous cutting and edge sealing of very fine and delicate fabric.

750.00 EUR

Rope and Belt Cutting Machines
Type AMT-G / Type AMT-G2S  / Type AMT-S
With our thermal cutting system it is possible to cut synthetic fabric, such as belts, bands and ropes to length. To make holes in belting fabric can also be provided on special request. An electric heated blade separates, in one phase of operation,  the material by heat and seals the cut edges to avoid fringing of the cut edge.

The HSG-L-M hot-cutting machine works from roll to roll. The fabric is peeled from the bale via a rubberized transport roll, guided over a cutting support of ceramic rods, thermally separated, spread after separation of 2 driven rubberized rollers to prevent sticking and then wound onto 2 friction shafts.

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