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Universal Isopropanol cleaner

Universal Isopropanol cleaner. High purity isopropanol-spray to clean magnetic heads, disk drives, rubber rollers, fine mechanics, optics, printed circuit boards and to remove water resistant inks.

200 ML
1 L

Cleaner for electrical & mechanical equipment

Cleaner for electrical & mechanical equipment. Heavy duty cleaner and degreaser to be used whenever dirt, grease and oil-based substances interfere with the smooth running of electrical and mechanical equipment.

200 ML

Flux residues dissolver

Flux residues dissolver. Removes flux residues from electronic assemblies, equipped with applicator brush attached for mechanical support. Compatible with solder resist coatings and commonly used printed circuit board base materials and components.

200 ML
400 ML

Contact de-oxidiser

Contact de-oxidiser. Dissolves corrosion layers, restoring the metal contact. Optimum contact conditions are reached when residues dissolved using Kontakt 60, are rinsed off with Kontakt WL prior to protection with Kontakt 61.

100 ML
200 ML
400 ML
1 L
5 L

Label remover

Label remover.
The ideal solution for removing self-adhesive paper labels from glass, metal, china, carton, wood,.. (for plastics, test prior to use).

200 ML
1 L
5 L

Mild multi-purpose cleaner

Mild multi-purpose cleaner. Cleaning of electronic components, PC-boards and precision mechanics, especially when sensitive plastics such as polystyrene and polycarbonate are involved.

200 ML

Product Information

Colour: Amber

Dispensing Method: Can

Lubricant Applications: Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical

SVHC: To Be Advised

Volume: 400ml

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