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Universal Cleaner for Electronic Equipment – high purity, no residue.

The action of CRAMOLIN CLEANER is based on an accurately balanced mixture of high-quality, powerful solvents.The wetting ability and low surface tension enable CLEANER to quickly penetrate surface pores, removing oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants. CLEANER evaporates quickly without leaving any residue. CLEANER is of universal use wherever highreliable cleaning is required.

CONTACLEAN efficiently removes oxide and sulphide layers from metallic contact surfaces of any kind. Simultaneously, special inhibitors ensure long-lasting lubrication and corrosion protection. Reduces contact resistance that leads to failures, and eliminates voltage drops. Durable preservation of the perfect operational reliability of all electro-mechanical contacts. CONTACLEAN has been a well-proven agent in radio and television engineering as well as in laboratory and after-sales service for a long time.

Magnetic Head Cleaner for Audio, Video, and Hi-Fi Appliances.

contains special dissolving substances with superior wetting ability enabling to quickly and gently remove abraded tape particles contaminating oil, oxides, dust, smoke films and dirt. VIDEOCLEAN reduces head wear and extends tape life. The product does not attack any material in common use, and evaporates quickly without leaving any residue.

Cleaner Cramolin CONTACT-CLEANER OS provides a high degree of purification of all types of electronic equipment and precision instruments.

Universal cleaner for electronic equipment CONTACT-CLEANER OS quickly and efficiently cleans the contacts and sensitive components, removes oil, dirt, grease and other contaminants, protects contacts from sparks, resistance, and wear quickly evaporates, leaving no residue and does not damage the paint, plastic and rubber does not contain fluorine - and chlorine solvents.

CD-CLEANER contains a well balanced mixture of ultra pure solvents with an excellent wetting and dissolving ability enabling quick and reliable removal of fingerprints, contamining oil, dust, some films and other dirt. For a perfect digital reproduction the laser-beam must be able to read off the digital data clearly through the transparent carrier, disolve them and restore the transparent carrier.

Efficiently removes Rosin Flux and other Soldering Residues from Printed Circuit Boards.

FLUX-OFF is a mild, but effective cleaner that readily removes the most toughest deposits of flux, soldering oils, and other contaminants such as grease, dirt and moulding compounds. FLUX-OFF is colourless and leaves no deposits. lt does not attack any material in common use. However, avoid using it on PVC and polystyrene.

Also available with a brush.

Special Cleaner for Tuners and Switches.

TUNER efficiently cleans electronic units and appliances, gently but reliably. lt removes all kinds of deposits such as dust, greasy dirt, nicotine, etc. without affecting the electric capacity and frequency values. Superior wetting ability and low surface tension enable TUNER to quickly penetrate into surface. TUNER evaporates rapidly without leaving any residue.

Cleaner and Degreaser for Contacts and Electronic Equipment.

SPRAYWASH is a powerful mixture of solvents which reliably removes dirt and grease deposits as well as oxidized layers.The product’s good penetration and flowing properties enable to wash away any soiling without difficulty. SPRAYWASH does not attack any material in common use, and evaporates completely after a short time without leaving any residue.

Heavy-Duty Electro Cleaner removing Oils and Grease.

Being a special mixture of various heavy-duty solvents, DEGREASER removes oils and grease quickly and reliably. This product is also effective against wax and other heavy soiling. In addition, DEGREASER is water- and moisture-repellent.

Cramolin ELECTRO-CLEANER OS - a powerful cleaner and degreaser for all types of electrical and mechanical equipment. ELECTRO-CLEANER OS is a blend of strong solvents, removes oil and grease from the electrical and mechanical equipment. Also removes waxes, dirt, moisture and other heavy dirt. Cleaner evaporates quickly, leaving the surface clean and dry, without any precipitation penetrates into hard to reach places and fine cracks, removing dirt and moisture, improves performance and prolongs the life of the equipment. Is not flammable and does not contain fluorine - and chlorine-containing hydrocarbons.

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