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for Proxxon MF70

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- einfach auf die Steuerkarte stecken und verschrauben
- maximaler Strangstrom bis 2,5A einstellbar
- für bipolare Motoren
- Mikroschrittbetrieb 1,2,4,8
- mit integriertem Relais für Kühlung oder Absauger
- Zusätzliche Ein- und Ausgänge

Price: from 59.00 EUR

The Clamping claw, suitable for our T-slot plates, made of 5mm thick steel.

In a set of 4 pieces are always the same length exists.

Please select the desired length and whether a screw set is desired.

Price: from 9.90 EUR

- Up to 37 functions for WinPC NC and CNC Studio versions.
- Industrial quality.
- pulver coated steel housing.
- Durable, waterproof control.
- Connection to PC via USB port.

Price: from 149.00 EUR

CNC pump for different applications

The small CNC pump is driven by a stepper motor which guarantees the highest possible precision in the dosage. The mechanism works with two ball bearings and a silicone hose transport which long life and maintenance-free guaranteed. This pump is used for CNC controlled filling of small amounts of various fluids. It can be used with all fluids that are neutral for silicone materials. The pump can be controlled with a separate control, or with an additional Achsensteueung (4).

Price: from 149.00 EUR

New control board for motors up to 2.5A and micro-step operation!

Faster, stronger, more precise, quieter and cheaper!
The card can be easily integrated into your hobby milling machine!

Price: from 99.00 EUR

External emergency stop switch with cable.

Cable length 800 mm

Price: from 49.00 EUR

Emergency stop switch

Landing diameter 16 mm

10 mm a wall thickness

Price: from 9.00 EUR

Micro Air Vacuum Pump / Compressor

Price: from 149.00 EUR

Mini Tool length Sensor

Price: from 49.00 EUR

The sensor has a switching path of about 1mm. After that you can press down the probe nor a 1mm (Safety way at excessive ramp), is damaged without the switch.

Technical data:

Overall diameter: 30mm

Overall height: 18,5mm

Price: from 59.00 EUR

Precision Grease

Weight: 40 grams or 125 grams

Price: from 2.49 EUR

Precision oil




Price: from 2.99 EUR

Suction apparatus for Proxxon MF70

Price: from 49.00 EUR

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