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Long Term Protection of Precious Metal Contacts and Connectors.

has been specially developed for preserving precious metal contacts. lt gently cleans lubricates and protects these micro-thin surfaces of contacts and connectors.The high-quality synthetic active agents and inhibitors show remarkable lubricating and anti-corrosion properties, thus preventing abrasion and damaging of delicate precious metal layers and ruling out any corrosion of supporting base metals.The protective film of TOP-PIN is stable, very thin, highly lubricating, and resitant to high heat.

SPRAYOIL High-grade Lubricant and Anticorrosion Agent.

is a powerful, very fluid, acid-free lubricant showing excellent emergency running properties. Its lubricating film is persistent and does not become gummy. Moreover, it repells water and moisture, thus ensuring durable and reliable corrosion protection. SPRAYOIL remains effective within a wide range of temperatures from -40° C to +175° C and meets the requirements of standard ISO VG 10.

Viscous, Long-Lasting Insulating and Lubricating Oil.

is a high-quality, viscous insulating oil with a breakdown voltage of 12 kV/mm. lt does not dry up, is water-repellent and therefore an excellent moisture buffer. SILICONE is also a good universal lubricating agent. lt is stable within a wide range of temperatures from -50° C up to +200° C, does not attack any engineering material, and is non-toxic.

Grease-free, PTFE-based Lubricant and Parting Agent.

is a highly efficient, PTFE-based, dry-film lubricant. lt forms a slippery, transparent film with excellent anti-stick properties on plastic, glass, metal, wood or other materials. SPRAYFLON is stable within a wide range of temperatures from -100° C up to +260° C. SPRAYFLON is resistant to chemicals, electrically insulating, and permits clean work.

Highly Viscous Lubricant with Anti-Corrosion Properties.

VASELINE consists of high-purity white vaseline easy to apply in the present spray form. lt is absolutely acid-free and gives good corrosion protection. Moreover, it has excellent lubricating properties of universal use. VASELINE is chemically neutral towards all materials.

Special Corrosion Protection and Lubrication for Contacts.

PROTECTION contains a combination of high quality active inhibitors ensuring longtime protection of metal contacts from abrasion and corrosion. Treated contacts are coated with a stable and superfine film that gives excellent lubricating and corrosion protection. PROTECTION is suitable for contact metals of all kinds and does not attack any engineering material in common use.

Lubricates, Stops Squeaks, Protects, Loosens Rust, Starts Wet Engines.

MULTI is a multifunctional product for all electronic and mechanical equipment in workshops and in the industry. lt forms a clear invisible film and is harmless to plastic, rubber and paint. Special inhibitors guarantee excellent corrosion protection and lubrication. MULTI displaces moisture, eliminates short circuits, starts wet engines, and ensures long-lasting operational liability.

High-grade pulling Lubricant for Cables and Wires.

KABELGLIDE is a high-grade lubricant which enables easy pulling of cables and wires through electric installation tube. The extremely long and flexible attached extension tube can easily be fitted to the spray head and guarantees spraying of the insides of installation tube. KABELGLIDE does not dry out, does not stick, is waterproof and is, therefore, also suitable as a moisture buffer. KABELGLIDE is constant within a wide temperature range from -50° C to +200°C. lt does not attack plastics, and is not toxic.

Protection and Lubrication of Electrical Equipment.

PROLUB protects spare parts and all metal surfaces from rust and corrosion during storage and transport. lt lubricates all moving parts of precision instruments and electrical equipment. lt also loosens dirt, rust scale and seized up parts, displaces water and moisture, restores resistance value and electrical properties and stops short circuits.

Protects and Cleans Metal Surfaces, Penetrates and Lubricates.

ANTIKORR protects ferrous and non ferrous metals during production, transport and storage. lt also protects and cleans metal surfaces, displaces and seals out moisture, penetrates and lubricates, loosens rusted and frozen parts, nuts and bolts. ANTIKORR penetrates through rust and soil, leaves a clear invisible film, safe to use, meets Mil. Specs. C-81309E, C-372C and contains no CFC or chlorinated solvents.

- Used as a conventional lubricant for hinges, joints, valves, cables, rails, gears, gear mechanisms, chains, moving parts, pins and pistons
- Machinery, tools and mechanical equipment
- Shake well before use
- Apply only on a dry and clean surface

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