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MFR 301 (Code: )

MFR 301


MFR301™ Liquid Flux provides the following product characteristics:

Technology Liquid flux
Pale rosin yellow
Odor Alcoholic
Solids Content
5.5 - 6.5%
Cure Not applicable
Application Soldering

MFR301™ Liquid Flux is a no clean, high activity liquid flux for surfaces with poor solderability from the pioneers of “no clean” technology. Fast soldering on conventional leaded and SMD components – no bridges or icicles. Exceptional through-hole penetration. Sustained performance for maximum process window. No cleaning – reduces costs. Minimal residues to interfere with ATE probes without cleaning. Compatible with rosin based surface preservatives. Foam, spray or wave application. Typical applications for MFR301™ Liquid Flux is recommended for consumer electronics and general electrical soldering applications. The activator package is similar to that previously deployed in R32-07i™, but the acid value has been increased to further enhance efficacy, especially when soldering to poorly preserved substrates/components. A small amount of rosin is complemented by the solvent package to ensure optimum drainage characteristics at the exit of the wave, minimising bridges, spiking and mid-pad solder balling. This leaves a small amount of non-corrosive residue. This product can be applied by any of the usual techniques: foam, spray or wave.

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