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Protective coatings

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the agent contains a high-grade acrylic resin varnish and applies a protective film on surfaces that is resistant to acids, caustic solutions, alcohols, dampness and unfavorable environment influences. It remains effective within a wide temperature range from –70 to +120 °C. The lacquer does not adhere on metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, glass etc. It does not drip, does not have to be removed for soldering, contains a UV indicator for quality control and conforms to MIL-I-460580 "acrylic resin types".

Highly Resistant, Proctective and Insulating Conformal Coating.

URETHANE CLEAR is a high-quality single component polyurethane lacquer, protects and insulates PC boards, electrical motors, transformers, electronic equipment and components, offers protection from different environmental conditions such as humidity, salty corrosive vapours, fungus, thermal and mechanical stress. Urethane forms a hard, stable, flexible, non conductive and wear-resistant film with excellent adherence.

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Transparent Heat-resistant Silicone-based Conformal Coating for PCBs.

ISOTEMP is a heat-, moisture- and water-resistant protective silicone coating, intended for use in electronics especially for rigid and flexible PC boards. lt retains its effectiveness up to 500° C. In addition, it is flame retardant, elastic and well-bonding. ISOTEMP is suitable for sealing components from humidity, salt, fungus and corrosive vapors.

Effective Shielding from Electromagnetic Waves.

EMILAC is a copper-based, highly conductive, protective coating which shields from electromagnetic waves. lt ensures protection both from electromagnetic interferences (EMI) and from electrostatic discharges (ESD). EMILAC is easy to apply and exhibits high stability even under tough environmental conditions, heat and moisture. This lacquer is well-bonding, does not attack the materials in common use, and dries quickly.

Photocopying Lacquer for the Production of Printed Circuits.

POSITIV RESIST is a light sensitive coating allowing to transfer lines, shapes and contours. lt offers a relatively simple procedure to accurately copy any illustration onto a great variety of materials. POSITIV RESIST ensures ease of work, quick drying, good contrasts, and high sharpness.

SOLDERLAC has been developed especially to protect freshly etched printed circuit boards and to perform accurate, durable, nondamaging soldering work. Its constituents ensure long-lasting protection against oxidation as well as rapid soldering, preventing faulty dry solder joints. SOLDERLAC noticeably reduces the risk of overheating printed circuit boards and components owing to its good thermal conductivity. It also restores the soldering capability of corroded metallic surfaces

Cold Galvanizing Zinc-rich Coating for Corrosion and Rust Protection.

ZINK is a cold galvanizing zinc-rich coating for corrosion and rust protection. lt forms a tough and flexible film which actually bonds with any base metal. The film contains 99.5 % pure zinc pigments and bonds electrochemically to bare metal.The coating provides active galvanic protection and stops rust formation even when scratched or abraded. The coating is fast drying, shows excellent adherance and forms a grey layer. ZINK meets DIN 50976 and Mil. Specs.

Graphite-based Conductive Lacquer.

GRAPHITE is an easy to apply conductive lacquer based on colloidal graphite to produce well adherent, conductive coating. GRAPHITE adheres well to smooth surfaces such as glass and plastic materials. lt retains its effectiveness up to 300° C. Its resistance is 1000 - 2000 ohm depending on thickness of the layer.

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