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Vario 8 (Code: )

Vario 8

Multi-spindle tightening module with replaceable Schraubkorb

- Fast cycle times by multi-spindle technology
- high Schraubqualität by simultaneously tightening all the screws
- short changeover times through quick-change system
- high degree of reusability (about 75% - 85%)
- optionally 3-8 screw spindles
Complete multi-spindle tightening cell either with hand-operated rotary table or with Hubindexier unit for the most common FMS-band systems. For 3-8 screw spindles designed as standard. A screw feeder with multiple isolation and pallet system, interchangeable screwdriver basket for possible variants. High reusability for product change.

Modular concept:
Our multi-spindle modules generally consist of three components - the screwdriver unit, the feed unit and the controller. These units are built fully functional and equipped with a plug-in connections.

The pillar structure:
The multi-spindle screw unit is completely built upon a stable pillar. The pedestal is equipped with an XY fine adjustment, allowing easy integration into existing systems and machines.

The multi-spindle module is a standard variant design. The screwdriver basket with the screw spindles and the loading plate are generally provided as interchangeable parts, and thus the only customer-specific variants, since both are designed according to product-specific hole pattern. This allows for a cost-effective production and shorter lead time as a special construction and other high reusability (about 75-85%), because for a new product only screwdriver basket and pallet must be replaced. By special, built-in spline housings pneumatic screwdriver, a very high packing density, ie Schraubabstände small can be realized.

Our Schraubenzuführmodul is a proven concept for many years, in which, from a feeder bowl up to 8 screws are separated and fed simultaneously. The feeder bowl is made from machined Delrin from the "solid", and indeed specific to the respective screw. This enables a very high flow rate. The obliquely arranged spout prevents the flickering of the screws, as they "roll" on its shaft in the separation. Discharge and separation are specially manufactured for the respective screw machined from solid steel and hardened. Very functional reliability, because nothing is set and nothing can be changed.

Compact microprocessor control in 19 "housing. A plain text display and integrated keypad allow easy and user-friendly interface., All sensors and valves are placed on decentralized input-output modules (valve islands). These XIO's are aggregatnah mounted and via CAN bus with the master crosslinked. All electrical connections are pluggable on both sides.

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