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Screw machines

Screw machines - used mainly in the serial production of the product, electric or precision mechanics, combined with manual electro or pneumodrive. This is the basis for the use of functional - reliable, ergonomic, semi-automatic workplace.

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Screw feeders are primarily used in series production in electrical and precision engineering, in combination with hand-held pneumatic screwdrivers. However, this requires a functionally reliable and also ergonomic, semi-automatic workstation. With a tried-and-tested screw feeder and a new bit for almost all current pneumatic screwdrivers, the TRANS-PNEUMAT® easy meets these requirements.

Particularly suitable for the creation of jobs with systems change details how caliper movement (pushing), round tables switch, etc. or as the Snap-in assembly and avtomatax konveyerax. Quality alternative to the screw tightened by hand.

Similarly, repeated transmission torque by means of the clutch. Depth control, the control is turned off, counting screwing transfer IO / N.I.O. signals, etc., compact design with Integra-Rowan feeder screw, Micro-Control-control.

The adjustable 2 - spindle wrench

Integrable systems - both as an autonomous manual work place as well as fully automatic machines or WT.

The screw spacing adjustable automatic - screw spindles (22 - 80mm screw spacing). A screw feeder with 2-way separating device and only a sorting head. Compact built on a base plate incl. Micro Control system.

special feature:
, Therefore also suitable for very short screws - with pallets equipped (mouthpiece course no Y).

Freely programmable coordinate screwdriver
- Modular design
- A screw feeder with screws Attendance - control
- Torque - and Depth Control
- Teach - in - mode
- Closed position control loop with digital servo controllers

For integration in machines or FMS-bands. Free arm Portal XY-Axis system with AC servo motors and digital controllers. As a control for the positioning and the automatic process. Simple teach-in programming.

Multi-spindle tightening module with replaceable Schraubkorb

- Fast cycle times by multi-spindle technology
- high Schraubqualität by simultaneously tightening all the screws
- short changeover times through quick-change system
- high degree of reusability (about 75% - 85%)
- optionally 3-8 screw spindles

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